In Our Stars

She said things, at an early point in the relationship, as though sometimes she were saying them to someone else. I … More

Talk with Me

I love, at first, that you commented on everything indiscriminately,pointed at this or that, attached sounds to whatever ideasran around … More

Like Magic

It was a real page-turner.  The way he described walking down the avenue on Saturday afternoons made the whole scene light … More


I am not a very courageous man. In fact, as I grow older, I feel as if I’m becoming more … More


I think I remember when I didn’t have to possess things.It took seven years to figure out what to dowith … More

Collegial (HS 133)

The stage is empty, uncrowded, the clipped smiles werebriefer than the blink of a glassy-eyed battle fatiguethat runs deeper than … More

Fever (HS 132)

Sometimes when I’m sick, I think I liveso far away from the world that I’m on the other side of … More

You Not Us (HS 131)

Once I was convicted, sentenced to be a prisoner of love,I did my time willingly, reformed my ways gladly,mended with … More

You belong to me

Tomorrow you will fly half way around the world, and with layovers, it will take youjust over 48 hours take … More

The Call to Prayer

Although I’ve heard the mesmerizing call to prayer many times a day while I’ve been here in Egypt, it struck … More

This World

Here’s what I wrote for yesterday, Thursday 02.13.20. This World The travel agent says, “Have you ever been to Egypt … More

Visionary (HS 130)

Here’s what I wrote for Wednesday 02.12.20 Visionary (HS 130) This is a real dream world of heat swirls. Sometimes … More


Aloha, friends. I have been without internet connectivity for a few days while on my journey through Egypt. I have, … More

The Way We Play

We are not famous. You would probably not know who we are. My name is Kaled Mohammed. I have a … More