Solitary Player

Who says you can’t learnanything from video games? I got video game anointedin the very beginningof the swirling video game … More

A Haunting

My visitor doesn’t knock on the door in the bright sunshine of midday.  I’ve never actually seen him or met him … More

Moral Support

Each time I fall off the ladderit’s my life almost downso I try to be carefulwhen you climbdo you not … More

Where is he?

It’s getting colder out hereIs why you never buyA cheap winter coatNot in WisconsinWhen you have to waitOutside the zooIn … More


Carnival time, Magic Island, 50th-StateFair 1967, the year of hard words, attackingcandy, for the dead enough to suck on, those … More

The Fourth Wall

He’s carrying what looks like at least a gallon bottle.  I see the label.  Crown Royal. “I brought you a nice bottle,” … More

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 68 (for RB)

I spotted a man who had once loveddogs, loved lighting up the hibachi,barbecuing burgers and steaks, who oncechallenged his son, … More

Expense Account

My dream, sellingall my books to pay rentin Wisconsin, after the M.A.,how I bought mostof the same againstudying for the … More

Aloha Friday

“All the old ones closing down,” Grandpa says, reading paper, talking about Branches Restaurant down Mōiʻiliʻili. “Ah,”I tell um, “I … More


My neighbor across the fence says,“They just keep adding onto it,day after day, week after week, month after month.It never … More

The Big Island of Hawaiʻi

I’ve been many placesfrom Antarctica to the top of Norwaybut I always tell folks who askafter having sung the praises of … More


contrasttoo easy a clichéapples and orangesboth fruitshave seedsgrow on treesunlike moneyhe sayshanding over my weekly breadbreathing hard for the work … More

The Last Words of Love

The love of where you findthat it you findthat ityou least expect I’ve heard of that soar at the finding … More

The Procession

I saw a long line of vehicleson Vineyard Boulevard yesterdaymaybe 25 cars, including a black hearseall of them with their … More