To begin with

Today’s plain fact, blinded and bewilderedby time, becomes tomorrow’s stumbling fiction,fraying, blurring, sharp edges wearing, center sucked, stands empty, cannot … More


“I’m sorry,” I say, “I have to stop talking right now.” I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying,need to put … More

The Hunters

In her the itch of Spring,the last harvest long behind her, before herstanding here he shivers, the last youngchill of … More


I go to your funeral and see who’s still alive.You go to your funeral because. You’re trapped, ironically, because I’m … More

a poetry reading

it’s a wonder a poem can be heard at all,its very nature working against it making much sound,each word separated … More

The Contemplative Life

As I suck wind, my heart poundinglike the clattering of bones on this cold stone floor,weak in the knees, my … More

The Price of Fish

In his previous life, my father ran a long-linefishing business, here in Honolulu,his crew all Korean Nationals he’d sponsoredto come … More