silver screen

a bit of language herea snippet of picture therethis reel of mind speech and image spliced togethercobbled into a kind … More

I love the rain (for AG)

this past big rainI’m here to tell you, dammitthat when it comes pouring down on O’ahumy roof sometimes leaks a … More

a hard sweep

you were the woman of that hourmidwesterner, freshening, your namesticks in my throat, just caught nowthat hollow of my whisper … More


It was nice, seeing Hawaiian music in Waikīkī last night. It was the group, Native Pearls. Mihana Aluli and Kanoe … More

Dream Journal 1

So I’ve come to a really big (shoe) day in my writing journey. I was advised two weeks ago to … More

I think

06.23.19 I think at that instanteverything will become only in the past and the ever pressing past will becomeall forgotten … More


06.22.19 Cindy You know, I should never go to the Humane Society. I have to hand it to my friend … More

On the Radio

06.21.19 Radio Hula my partner of the spinning dialit’s a weakness I can’t denythis shell without, within echoes hollow your … More

Thirty Years

Thirty Years Tiananmen Square 2009On the day of the twentieth anniversaryI weave my way through crowdsOf Chinese soldiers sharply uniformedArmed, … More


Rain drizzled outside the window. How much? It’s $200. He looked back at her. Do you want it all now? She shook her head. … More

selective amnesia

selective amnesia I mean I keep remembering youbut I forget all kinds of things all the timelike my site passwordsor … More


blackbird very soon they will comeslowly gathering, so resentingtheir broken wings coming to betheir sunken eyes coming to seeencroachment. Ahthey … More


Alone now on a kind of raft, this piece perhapsof a former raft that drifted by while I sat drawing,I … More

What Are the Chances?

We have come to Galway’s Inismór, largest of the Aran Isles. At this moment, we are at the top of … More

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 61

awake with that sweat and the suedesmell of you, my eyes wide as I realizeI should have asked, if I … More

Good Reader

Maile has become a voracious reader, and her appetite for books keeps growing. We’ve picked through the library offerings so … More

the price of aloha

Here’s my draft for today, Tuesday 06.11.19. the price of aloha there is the green flash hope of them sitting … More