Concourse (HS 126)

I’ve always felt that I could hear more languages spokenhere at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airportthan I could hear anywhere else … More


Yesterday I had a suspicion. All day long I sensedthat last night you might sneak up from behind,put your arms … More

Passionate Pursuit

Everything made absolute sense.  I would run through my scales, practice my chords, my little exercise pieces.  I was, if not talented, … More

Morning Is Broken

In the fog, the lost wander on,so pain comes with the rainfor somewhere a child is lostand that pain is … More

An Old Story

The humming in my head is so persistentit gets me up in the middle of the night. Night hunger, like … More

Payment (HS 125)

Suddenly I woke up, straining to look up,heard that incessant beating on the doorby the frozen hand, and I saw … More

A Good Turn

Mrs. Kimura always gave us all kinds of goodies over the years.  She would make them herself, all year round.  A month … More

Fly Away Home

I love retirement. In the morning, when folks are standing at the bus stop outside my house, I hang on … More

A Cleaning

Since the time he’d had braces as a kid, he’d been a floss-aholic.  Any food particle between his teeth drove him … More

A Pairing

Sometimes it felt like everything came down to a beautiful struggle in the dark, the work and work until she … More


If she’s told them once . . . well, she has told them once, hasn’t she? Hasn’t she?  It’s hard to … More

A Helpful Kind

He’s always thinking about other people, more particularly, what he can do for this family.   Barbeque perhaps, bake some muffins, … More

Gambler (HS 124)

I run across the street, against the red light,to get out of the downpour.  I have no umbrellaagain. I never know … More


So, yeah, that’s the last one there.  None of themare perfect, of course, none exactly to my tastes, really,but I’m no … More

The Work

The plaque says 1909, I read as I leanupon this venerable stone wall, and can seesomeone laid these stones, fit … More

No More

I remembered how Russ Feingold, from Wisconsin, stood before the U.S. Senate and cautioned them not to approve authorization for … More

The Brakes (HS 123)

Near seven decades of run on, sentenced to a worn and hazy neatlythere you go, so you’ve slowed, you slowly, … More

When I Travel

The idea is knowing that I can gosomewhere, and I am making the firstpattern of steps, no one has ever … More