I can see I’ve kind of become my own renovation project, trying to reconstruct the joys of my childhood.  It’s an … More

A Dream Deferred

Here’s my draft for Pōʻaono/Saturday 09.28.19. A Dream Deferred It was a little late in the day to make it … More

Prelude to Some Drama

Aiya! Forgot to post yesterday’s draft. Kalamai. Here’s my draft for Pōʻalima/Friday 09.27.19. Prelude to Some Drama It’s summertime and … More

To night (for JK)

I will sleep now, to the fullest, a night where darkness is not so black as it was painted to … More

Beginning with an end

What we worry about most bringsa dust of doves rising in a wind ofstartled whirl.  Fat fed flocksfor lingering over time,there … More

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 85

There are so many of us nowpouring up the trail, that there’s too muchtalking, not enough listening. We are streamersto … More

A ways to go

I know you’re not here near the pool to watch me,as my nose suddenly floods with chlorinated water,that eye-stinging burn … More

I take myself from there

When I finally found myself I wasold.  Older than the moon when she losther mythology, unclothed by dayand science, investigator of … More

Placation (for RP)

You all know, I thinkwhat a “staycation” is, right?Either you can’t afford a bigger vacation,or you just want an easier … More

Danger Woman Speaks

In your condoI set myself on listening modeonly.  To speak would be to assaultyour space, the airwaves here are filled100% of … More

A Haunting

He picks up the pin I’m using to enlarge the glue holes on the battleship model I’m building and stabs … More

Madison Sleepwalk

I’m holding a candle. When I open the door, although there’s no breeze, it begins to flutter, casting odd shadows … More

Veteran (for AG)

It stormed constantly, every day.  Hawai’i was definitely sick of the horrible weather. I wondered about it, then decided to ask … More


By the time I woke up that day, still groggy, uncomprehending an early morning email flood from friends on the … More