We Run for Them

The sudden laughter shifts my concentrationfrom this inanely repetitive task of polishing my sunglasses, my compulsive need for perfect vision … More


Here’s my draft for today Monday 04.29.19. Match.Com I see, she says, looking into the cup —it’s a blue ceramic … More

I Whisper Sweet Aloha

Here’s my draft for today Sunday 04.28.19. I Whisper Sweet Aloha Today there are 1.5 million State residentsresiding for the … More

Quiet the Night

Here’s my draft for today Wednesday 04.24.19. Quiet the Night I was reading a piece this morningthat a friend, maybe … More

the state of

Here’s my draft for today Tuesday 04.23.19. the state of texasI lingered over youthe shape of youthat morning on the … More

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 49

Here’s my draft for Monday 04.22.19 Hawaiʻi Sonnet 49 Thinking over my years of ocean waves and waterfloating on my … More

Up Ahead

Here’s my draft for Sunday 04.21.19. Up Ahead He had come and looked at it. Into it. Boredto the heart’s … More

pink stinks

Here’s my draft for Saturday 04.20.19. pink stinks they said the moon would be pink tonight it isn’t pink at … More

Bob, Weave, Float, Sting

Here’s my draft for Friday 04.19.19. I’ve written about my father many times over the years. I never get tired … More