Iceberg PR

Icebergs, although you may find yourself in a situationwhere one might appear to be bearing down on you,are victims of … More

A Gesture of Welcome

I had wild dreams last night,my brain writing journal all night long,so that this morning, while reading, I’m thinkingof so … More

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 111 (was)

There is a tension in the rigid repetition of the waves tonight, in their nature rolling lockstep ashore, breaking sternly … More

The Tale Tellers

We age this way, acquired lives,word by word, each learned, howtraditions grow, by nature we come to beself-practiced tellers of … More

Don’t Smoke (500 words)

Johnny Carson, television talk-show host and stand-up comedian, famously was often caught sneaking drags of a cigarette after coming back … More