Check out the latest episode in my new Lieutenant David Chan Hawaiʻi-based crime story: One Halloween in Honolulu on the Kindle Vella platform. Like back in the good old days of publication in newspapers, Vella offers stories in serial form, one short episode at a time. I’m hoping to publish one episode a week.

2021 December, Follie: The Disappearances of Honolulu: A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery (Lieutenant David Chan Mysteries Book 1)

2021 June, a collection of poetry, Tellings of Aloha: Songs from Hawaiʻi

2020 December, my memoir, From Point A to C to Y to Be, A Sentimental Journey Through Hawaiʻi and Wisconsin

2017 November, 155 Shakespearean Love Sonnets

2017 February, 866 Love Haiku

My doctoral dissertation, Hours of Operation: Life Sketches from the Archipelago (Original writing);
by Lee, Lanning Christophersen, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, 1992, 351 pages; No. 9312204

In addition, I published my first short story a long time ago, but in this galaxy, “Born and Bred,” in the Hawaiʻi Review:,

and I have published both short stories and poems in Bamboo Ridge: