2021 July (Episode 1), an Amazon Vella Story Series: Follie: The Disappearances of Honolulu, A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery.

Amazon Kindle introduced their new platform called Vella today. Like back in the good old days of publication in newspapers, Vella offers stories in serial form, one short episode at a time. I’m hoping to publish one episode a week from now on.

2021 June, a collection of poetry, Tellings of Aloha: Songs from Hawaiʻi

2020 December, my memoir, From Point A to C to Y to Be, A Sentimental Journey Through Hawaiʻi and Wisconsin

2017 November, 155 Shakespearean Love Sonnets

2017 February, 866 Love Haiku

My doctoral dissertation, Hours of Operation: Life Sketches from the Archipelago (Original writing);
by Lee, Lanning Christophersen, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, 1992, 351 pages; No. 9312204

In addition, I published my first short story a long time ago, but in this galaxy, “Born and Bred,” in the Hawaiʻi Review:,

and I have published both short stories and poems in Bamboo Ridge: