Literature and Related

There is nothing sacred about literature, it is damned from one end to the other. 
–William Carlos Williams

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Ancient Greek Theater 


Art History Resources on the Web 

Avalon Project (at Yale): Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy (09/10) Great Books Online 


The BIBLE Online 

Book History Online: International Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries (08/16)

The Book of Mormon 

Books On-Line: Author Search 

The British Book Trade Index 

The Scottish Book Trade Index (03/20)

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library 

The Center for Biographical Research at UH Manoa (02/18) 

The Centre for the History of the Book (08/16)

The Children’s Literature Web Guide 

Department of English at University of Hawaii at Manoa (09/10) 

Department of English at University of Wisconsin — Madison 

English Literature on the Web All the Words in the World. Pronounced. 

Hawaiian Dictionaries Online 

HoBo: The site formerly known as History of the Book @ Oxford 

I Love Languages: Your Guide to Languages on the Web 

The Internet Classics Archive 

The KORAN Online 

Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 

150 Resources To Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively 

Online Etymological Dictionary (12/04) 

Online Lessons on Reading the TORAH 

Overview of the History of Theater 

The Perseus Digital Library 

Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature: An Overview 

Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog 

Resource Guide to Norse Mythology 

The Secular Web 

SHARP Web: The Society of Authorship, Reading & Publishing 

The Urban Dictionary 

Voice of the Shuttle: Home Page. 


BeowulfProject Gutenberg EBook text, translated by J. Lesslie Hall 

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary 

The English Companions: “A Society for all those interested in the history and culture of Anglo-Saxon England, including the language and literature, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, art, religion, mythology, folklore, and material culture.” 

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The Camelot Project 

Internet Medieval Sourcebook 

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies (02/07)

The Luminarium Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th Century resource page 

The Medieval Academy of America

The Medieval Lifestyle (03/20)

Medieval Medicine 

A Medieval Wedding 

The Middle Ages (03/20)

The Murthly Hours: “One of Scotland’s great midieval treasures” (03/11) 

NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources 

The Medieval and Classical Literature Library Online (03/20) 

The Robin Hood Project: At the University of Rochester (03/10)

TEAMS Middle English Texts Online 

Web Gallery of Art: Medieval sculpture, illumination, mosaics, murals, and stained glass windows (03.20)

* * * * * 

The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I 

Renaissance: the Elizabethan World

16th C. Renaissance English Literature 

Tudor England 

* * * * *

Early 17th C. Literature (1603-1660) 

17th C. Literature 

17th C. Women Poets: Selected Bibliography 

* * * * *

Restoration & 18th C. Literature 

18th C. Resources on the Net 

* * * * *

Romantic Links, E Texts, and Home Pages 

Romantic Chronology 

* * * * *

The Victorian Web: An Overview (12/04) 

Victorian Women Writers Project 

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American Authors on the Web 

American Literature Resources 

American Transcendentalists

Domestic Goddesses: Alcott, Cather, Chopin, Gilman, Hale, Jewett, Stowe, Warner, Wharton 

Modern & Contemporary American Poetry 

19th Century American Children’s Book Trade Directory 

Paul Reuben’s Perspectives on American Literature 

* * * * *

The Jane Austen Info Page 

The Samuel Beckett Endpage (08/16)

The Bronte Sisters Web 

Rupert Brooke (08/16)

Raymond Carver 

Raymond Chandler (03/20)

The Geoffrey Chaucer Website Home Page 

John Cheever 

The Beverly Cleary Home Page 

Hart Crane (If Brad Lucas’ Hart Crane Web Bridge page, formerly at, resurfaces, that’s the most comprehensive site) 

Dante’s DIVINE COMEDY and The Princeton Dante Project 

Charles Dickens Page, by David Perdue 

Emily Dickinson 

Bob Dylan 

The Jonathan Edwards Center (at Yale)

The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Erasmus Text Project 

William Faulkner on the Web 

E.M. Forster 

Robert Frost 

Gilbert & Sullivan 

The Graham Greene Birthplace Trust 

Emmylou Harris 

The Hemingway Resource Center 

O. Henry / William Sidney Porter 

The Henry James Scholar’s Guide to Web Sites 

Bryan Stanley William Johnson (04/05) 

The James Joyce Centre–Dublin, Ireland (02/08) 

Gordon Lightfoot   &   Gordon Lightfoot 

The Cormac McCarthy Home Pages

The Life and Works of Herman Melville

S. Morgenstern 

Haruki Murakami Haruki Murakami, Random House 

Willie Nelson 

The Electronic Eugene O’Neill Archive 

The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive 

Dolly Parton 

J.K. Rowling 

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About J. D. Salinger 

The Walter Scott Digital Archive 

Rod Serling 

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 

William Shakespeare and the Internet 

George Bernard Shaw 

Upton Sinclair

Alexander McCall Smith 

Lemony Snicket 

Muriel Spark 

Bruce Springsteen 

William Stafford Archive (06/11) 

Laurence Sterne in Cyberspace 

Wallace Stevens 

Robert Louis Stevenson 

John Synge 

The Writings of Henry David Thoreau

Jean Toomer 

H.G. Wells 

The Walt Whitman Archive 

Virgina Woolf 

Neil Young 

* * * * *

The Aroostook Review

Bad Subjects 

Crate:  A Journal of Literary Borders and Boundaries 

Electronic Poetry Center: List of Poetry Magazines (at SUNY Buffalo) 

eSHARP:  electronic social sciences, humanities & arts review for postgraduates 

Hinduism Today 

Fibreculture: The Journal of Internet Theory, Criticism, and Research 

Illuminations:  Berkeley’s online magazine of research in the arts and humanities (03/05) 

Interfaces:  Image, Text, Langage 

Journal of Gender Studies 

M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture 

Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation 

The Modern Language Association Online 


Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas 

Particip@tions: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies 

Philament: An Online Journal of the Arts and Culture 

Portals: A Journal of Comparative Literature 

Postmodern Culture 

Prosopon: Journal of Prosopography Centre, University of Oxford 

Sparta’s Journal: Journal of Ancient Spartan and Greek History 

thirdspace: the journal for emerging feminist scholars 

* * * * *

Association of American University Presses 

Bamboo Ridge Press 

Canadian Academic Presses / Presses universitaires canadiennes 

Online Librarians Warehouse (02/05) 

Tinfish Press(08/16)