Aloha, friends. I have been without internet connectivity for a few days while on my journey through Egypt. I have, however, kept up my daily writing challenge. Here is what I wrote for Tuesday 02.11.20.

At the largest cemetery I’ve ever seen, the tour guide
picks up another pottery shard. He has a handful now.
This is a nice one, he says, would you like to have it?
I shake my head, politely say no thank you.
Last week I find a piece with hieroglyphs drawn on it, he says.
My wife sells these on eBay. Are you sure I cannot give you one.
I think about it, then decide to say something.
In Hawai’i taking things from graveyards would be bad luck.
Our ancestors are not happy when we take things from their graves.
I think about the meaning of grave-robbery in this country.
I mean, can there be more prominent examples than right here in Egypt?
This one is extremely good, he says. Please have it as a gift from me.
I kindly refuse again, scan the grave mounds that seem to go on forever in every direction.
I can see spirits rising up, shiver at the thought of dying here in Egypt at their hands.
He says, We do not have that kind of belief here,
but I respect your beliefs. These are pretty don’t you think?
My wife will sell all of them very easily.

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