Visionary (HS 130)

Here’s what I wrote for Wednesday 02.12.20

Visionary (HS 130)

This is a real dream world of heat swirls.
Sometimes blown sand fogs up the distance.
A mirage may appear around any turn. Some do I see.
Oases are few and far, far stretches apart,
a cobbled drink stand with a toilet the usual manifestation.
Between Aswan and the Red Sea, this land is so empty of us,
so free of all we might have done to it.
Mountains soar, dark and cragged,
upon which no temple has been or ever will be built,
these monuments which have never been harvested to build
tombs or banks or shopping centers.
These massive granite cliffs, as old as this land is old,
old before the pharaohs old, old before humankind old,
are young to my eyes, a stranger traveling in a strange new land.

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