The Return of Valentine

This far ahead I wager on, for I have seen
enough to think I do see into the future this.

For the present, you, me, this rough patch,
I can see we’ve come through it now,
worked past the problem, as the therapist suggests,
the $300 an hour supreme beard puller and stroker,
wire-rim glasses tip of nose lounge chair percher,
green soothing voiced corduroy leather elbow patch interrogator,
and we are all good now, see how there’s a real future now
for us beyond this recent bad end, so we will,
I think we will continue, me propping up my glasses
the better to see the stirring of the broth,
an oracle of outcome, I too am a kind of soothsayer,
plumbing it all to predict a royal boiling return for us,
cooking this to that second just before the steaming liquid,
coming up like magma, that oh so mmmmm with us goodness,
breaks over the lip of the pot, my predilection,
when you taste this, your tongue on the spoon,
with that piece of the moment between us,
you will enjoy us so, so much, you will stay, Valentine, stay
at least until the meal is on its way to being well digested.

* * * * *

Today’s writing prompt is

Valentine’s Day

Yay! How could it not be : ) Write a piece inspired by the prompt and then post it as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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