Hawaiʻi Sonnet 80 (Ghost)

Nothing, Oh Banquo, our ghost of the martlet hall,can bring you back to reasoning in some healthful clime.Uncheerful then, you … More

Oh Fer-un (for FVC)

That frugalness I witnessed in the clipping,lovingly, carefully of coupons and can labels,box tops too, your caress of good deals, … More

Rhythm and Blues

Real problems I can handle,simple check marks on a to-do list,bam bam bam.It’s the imaginary oneshardly seeming to ever be … More

Hawai‘i Sonnet 74

We are sparring, the basement of Nu‘uanu Y.I hear the clash of bamboo shinai, a little likethe rattle of the … More


This year, for the first time in 50 years,my lychee tree bore fruit. I could not believe it.True, there were … More


You wish the shave icewould cool you more, chill you to the core,maybe with the help of the shadefrom these … More


As she stoops to wash her dishesin the still water, the widow tries to pictureher husband, an arranged marriage to … More

A Parting

There is a child, I recognize it,climbing from the water to the bankon the other side. It turns to look … More

Under the Weather

The heat and humidity slammed me as I exited the gate.  Honolulu weather, so bad these past few months, persisted.  I’d … More

Nature always wins

I can bust my ass, forever mowing,weeding, trimming trees, pulling vines,and all that’s left is an eye-blink of a cleared … More

Hawai‘i Sonnet 73

Miss her kisslose half of youget fractioned downone halved from two  Cut to halfof what you werea stupid errorcost all of … More