You Not Us (HS 131)

Once I was convicted, sentenced to be a prisoner of love,
I did my time willingly, reformed my ways gladly,
mended with sincere effort all my unacceptable behaviors,
put all my time in your sweet stir to good use,
so good, apparently, that I rehabilitated myself
right out the door, released, suddenly,
turned loose one surprising day back into society,
free to never ever do anything to anyone that would have me
see the enfolding insides of that comforting cell again,
the long naked bars that scissored me safe there,
so bent a residivictive now, I read, hunt day and night,
search for solace in all the literature about the loss
I never saw coming, so set adrift, sole wanderer,
sojourning the world in search.

* * * * *

Today’s writing prompt is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, and then post that piece as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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