Hawaiʻi Sonnet 78 (Vienna sausage & a couple of grapes)

On some of those longest nights, like last night,
I think I may have met the worst kind of thief
with a secret blade she slips between the ribs,
a turned lover’s back, the stab of a heart’s hard
pendulum swing, the one who steals, her time,
another piece of my unwhole heart,
doing some haphazard salvaging, snatching
remaining pieces of a shrinking treasure trove,
wrecking more of my life’s sinking desires,
perhaps the last plunderer to seize a share,
my crumbling smaller beat to smallest part.

But after midnight, Portuguese sausage, a couple hard-boiled eggs,
I begin to believe while I have even one coin left,
a day is coming when I can flip it and come up heads.

* * * * *

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