Rhythm and Blues

Real problems I can handle,
simple check marks on a to-do list,
bam bam bam.
It’s the imaginary ones
hardly seeming to ever be overcome,
the film running in reverse,
a newsreel turning history around and back,
the slow-motion mess of celluloid unspooling, mounting.
It’s a mass of diamonds, how they flow
glittering to coal
their sharp edges, abrading all the way.
It’s a bloody wastebasket overflowing,
and you may see the summit,
struggle one step up,
but then you slide, slip on decaying pages,
the paper cuts, two steps back.
The custodian of this cloud
should be fired, never cleaning up,
never hanging a silver lining,
that bright and airy clime
obscured by lightning jags and rain.
I know.
Here’s a lab rat,
drug tolerance growing stronger,
brain growing weaker —
where is big pharma’s next breakthrough
when you really need it
to clear away the brain fog,
help you juggle
the perfect refrigerator magnets?

* * * * *

Happy Sunday! Today’s word is


Use it in any kind of writing and then post your piece and link to me, or simply leave it in the comments below. I would love to read what you write : )

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