Hawai‘i Sonnet 72

Got a funny feeling, maybe you know too.Not laughing though. No more funny.The clock. Time fractioning up on me,hours long gone, … More

It always hurt

Perhaps, thankfully, because it’s so rare,it can suck the wind out of you,as if some big-ass monsterhas sucker-punched you so … More

Hard To Swallow

My grandmother, her mother,used to tell me to chew each biteof my food 32 times. That’s a lot of times, … More

a stabbing rampage

If I could have awakened this morning,my wish for the world around me coming true,I would have jumped out of … More

Hawai‘i Sonnet 71

We were running together on that familiar fieldof always perfectly kept green grass, flying a kitehe had made for me, showing me howto cut and glue the frame, … More

Hawai‘i Sonnet 70

I would be lying if I saidI have no family stories.All families do, and some of mineare definitely the stuff … More

Hawai‘i Sonnet 69

Her name again?  Ay.  She said,This cloud looks like an elephantstanding on one foot pondering, that one a bear combing its hair. I … More

I See

A former student of mine who now lives in Hollywood has been involved in the production of the latest Wayan … More

The Fire

In the early dark, I can still smell the fire,water, if water has a smell,that remnant steamy scent.I never cared … More

What to write, what to write

Ah well, the day is young,so I take a walkalong this well-beaten path,my typical pondering stroll,scanning the environs for ideas … More