Oh Fer-un (for FVC)

That frugalness I witnessed in the clipping,
lovingly, carefully of coupons and can labels,
box tops too, your caress of good deals, fingering
and flipping through little pieces of pennies,
a minor obsession with paper and cardboard
pressed thick in your pocketbook, alphabetized.
I think your thick violet blouses concealed
all manner of the mothball scent heart of depression
economy, you, the highest evolution of the super shopper
in your day, your hunting times at the Chun Hoon Market,
a cost cutting swath, gather your arms of sale items embrace —

always excepting a six-pack for you,
and a bag of chips for me,
you gave us our daily treats at full price,
then read to me Black Beauty while I munched,
The Hardy Boys while you sipped.
Oh, Fer-un, I do know your heart, how no price
you paid for me was ever too high.

* * * * *

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Use it in any kid of writing of any length, post it and link to me, or simply leave it in the comments below. I’d lover to read what you write : ) Have a wonderful weekend.

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