Find yourself in an angel band (for CB)

Today’s word is


Use it any way you want, in any kind or writing, and then post it and link to me, or leave it in the comments below. I’d love to read what you write.

Here’s my try for today:

Find yourself in an angel band

Loud at the sky’s limit, some heaven,
in which you may not believe,
but picture at least, that up there
no one will notice, no one complain
if you play loud the music you must.

Do so, and I predict that you
will free yourself from this cage of pain
that bars your way to speaking freeing words,
will quench the licking flame at your heels
you run from, that searing of the years
back home, of all the days of your life,
youth stumbling through room by gloomy room
down to now, the approach of old age,
each hour more precious for the telling.

Do not look simply for a match,
feed a tiny torch that will die quickly,
extinguished by the speedy eating of its energy,
exhausting its defense against the unspoken darkness.

Look instead to drown all your stones in a saving stream,
tap the sky for its brilliant sun, famous for its blue overarch
by day, that throws clearing light on a life turning to words,
forgetting the black canopy of night that threatens
to leave you with so much unsaid.

Find a new way of walking
through all the farthest stars.
But put on your thickest shoes, protect your feet,
your soul from bleeding out,
for they will save you from being cut,
enable you to continue your journey on through
the harshest shards of shattering glass,
the telling of a fragile heart that breaks to save itself.

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