This year, for the first time in 50 years,
my lychee tree bore fruit. I could not believe it.
True, there were fewer than 30, maybe,
but they were fleshy, and sweet. I’m optimistic
about a larger harvest next year.

In the spot where I have tossed
vegetable compost matter for years,
a small vine popped up two months ago.
Now there is a melon of some kind,
the size of a softball, possibly
a watermelon, swelling there.

My family has buried our pets
on our property since we moved here
more than 60 years ago.  We’ve never
discriminated.  We are equally
both dog and cat people, mice and rats,
have loved rabbits, guinea pigs,
birds of all kinds, fish, turtles. If
it’s legal to have here in Hawai’i,
we probably have given a home
to at least one.  They’re all out there,
still with me, a menagerie of bones
sitting beneath the soil.

Sometimes at night, I hear those noises
that are hard to identify.  Maybe someday
there will be a fortuitous sprouting,
a beloved former pet blooming
in my yard the next day to greet me.

* * * * *

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