When all the uses of this world fall flat, man,round yourself up on the certainty of action. No work comes … More

Mad Money

Clipping coupons forever to save money,snatching at bargains, fast shuffling cardsstuffed up sleeves to deal on the sly,eyes shifting jungle … More

Right or Left Behind Me

She stands behind me while I struggle with the connectors. “Come on,” she says, “it’s lefty Lucy, righty tighty. Don’t you … More

Future, Future

Today’s word is future Use it in any kind of a piece of writing and leave it as a comment … More

Up Us

I’m driving this piece of shit rental car while my baby sits in the shop getting her dents hammered out.  I … More

The Gardener

Today’s word is desire Use it in a sentence or two and post what you wrote in the comments below. … More


Today’s word is craving Use it in a sentence or two and leave what you write in the comments below. … More

The Children

Right now we are fucked up badly.  It’s goneway beyond a problem,how we’re living in a world of pretend.  Rememberthat from back in … More