Mad Money

Clipping coupons forever to save money,
snatching at bargains, fast shuffling cards
stuffed up sleeves to deal on the sly,
eyes shifting jungle cat style,
employing a liar’s magic and all manner
of mechanical innovations, evolutionary robotic
beta test, broad love of a steal to be dissected,
insect pinning close inspection, borne disease
of consuming lust, lung and bowel uncleansed
by blood that does not travel her body
until she feels every card laid on the green
felt plain of softening pain, table top
of a violent lover of the sale, so fierce
an affection it will seize and shred
a child’s heart, flay it in wonder, hang it up
drying smoked, to handle winter hunger
when the seeds, heirlooms of nostalgic familial notions,
will not grow, not leave, not bud, not flower away
unexpected to spring in the stifling hothouse of memory.

* * * * *

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Use it to write something and then post it in the comments below. I’d love to read what you write. Happy Monday / Pōʻakahi : )

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