The Children

Right now we are fucked up badly.  It’s gone
way beyond a problem,
how we’re living in a world of pretend.  Remember
that from back in your childhood? It was,
“Let’s pretend.”
Right now, it’s these Let’s Pretend people who’ve twisted our world
into this one of hating other people, of killing other people.
Now who says that?  Who asks us to pretend these days?
I won’t point fingers at specific people, blame them
for subjecting us to this horribly depraved world-view.
No, I’m going to make a vaguely general statement,
then you guess about whom I’m talking.
It’s adults, okay.  It’s adults who evolved into a warped world
of the Let’s Pretend continuing, the game they never escaped,
the fantasy of their fractured childhoods built to a bizarre conclusion.
And these quote grown-ups unquote are mostly unaware
of the delusional world they’re living in, the nightmare
dream many of them have the power to impose upon us.
Hey, okay, I’m one of them.  There’s one finger I’ll point.
What am I doing to stop hatred and killing and violence?
Not fucking much.  So I’m one of the ones
asking, by not doing anything, that we all pretend everything is fine,
everything is going to be all right.  No matter
how many people are killed in the world today, right now as I type.
Everything is copacetic, everybody.
I’m disgusted with un-grownups like me.
It’s kind of like the lion says:
I won’t be happy until I know myself
not to be
a coward.
A coward waltzing around, uselessly
in a world of make-believe wonder.

But while I’m dancing
I’m praying,
since none of us know how to accomplish it,
for the children who will grow up
into adults, with power,
who will step out of the delusion,
take us by the hand out of this horrifying place,
show us the way to end the violence in this world.

I’m praying that today’s children will
not grow up like us, if
that’s possible,
and that they may indeed be the blessed peacemakers.

* * * * *

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