Today’s word is


Use it in a sentence or two and leave what you write in the comments below. I would love to read what you write. Happy Monday / Pō’akahi : )

Here’s mine for today.


It’s my naked inside, right? The clash
of bone and blood, of heart and soul,
mind and brain, organs exercising,
every shape and color, like candy,
that grabbed your attention, I’m guessing.
Tear at my flesh, rake my spirit.
The naked outside, at my ripe age,
maybe not so much.

Why cry? A spray of tears, watering
an evening’s cold flowers and closed buds,
eager bulbs lurking beneath the surface,
soon to rise like the living dead,
from their loamy graves, fingers outstretched.

Cry what? The kind of dry rain that pours
like salt, acrid to the touching tongue,
always craving the sugar of a snowflake.
Unlikely, not this me, this kind of thing.

So how will you startle me this time?
In a dream, or planting your ghost
at the bottom of my bed? Maybe
a hand brushing my arm when
no one’s there? You always get
to select the way and then surprise me.
You know I always am.

All I ask, is that you move carefully
as you step between the blooms, softly,
and do not disturb the cultivated earth.
Then go ahead and do what you do,
tread so ungently over all of me,
taking care to damage me, every part,
a gardener’s single passion.

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