Future, Future

Today’s word is


Use it in any kind of a piece of writing and leave it as a comment below. I would love to read what you write : ) Happy Aloha Friday / Pōʻalima.

Here’s my draft for today.

Here’s my draft for Aloha Friday / Pōʻalima 09.06.19.

Future, Future

We stood still on this side of the future,
you and I, and each moment
we touched it, moving forward
without moving, standing motionless
as the beat between inhale and exhale,
suspended in the almost-there, unable
to appear in the almost-here, forever guessing
forward, you, me, reflecting on affection’s course.

We two both suspected, I think, we were never
passing through to there, stepping over
some too private borderline, into the solid figure of us,
this step too much of a razor’s slicing edge,
seconds spinning off odd feelings, a funhouse effect,
slices of bizarre distortions, reflecting all over us,
like stiff laced shadows, our pensive faces fluttering,
shot through with beams of shattered light ahead.

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