Right or Left Behind Me

She stands behind me while I struggle with the connectors.

“Come on,” she says, “it’s lefty Lucy, righty tighty. Don’t you know that?”

I freeze, thinking about it.  Does that mean clockwise versus counterclockwise?  Wait.  Which would be lefty and which righty?

“Go,” she says, tapping me on the shoulder, my hesitation nudging her irritation level. “Move out of there and let me do it.”

I slide out and she slides in, grabs the wrench from my hand and has the feeder hose off in a flash.

“Hand me the new one.”

I pass it to her.  It too is on before I can correlate lefty and righty, looking at the face of my watch.

“I’m turning it on,” she says, and I hear the faint rush of water, see the level begin to rise in the tank.

She stands, drops the wrench in her toolbox, and slaps me on the back.  “That’s the way it’s done, Lanny,” she says.  “Glad I was here to help.”

My mom, I tell you, I don’t what I’d do without her.  Next up, cleaning out the U-shaped trap under my kitchen sink.

* * * * *

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