Danger Woman Speaks

In your condo
I set myself on listening mode
only.  To speak would be to assault
your space, the airwaves here are filled
100% of the time with your enticing words.
You’re so articulate, like Lady Macbeth,
you draw me in, deep into your darkest spaces,
pulling me, an all enticing gravity that attracts
like your dry humor, constant cracks oozing light
in the twisting orbit of your gold ankle bracelet.
Sometimes, all I want to do is sit back and touch,
my index finger scrolling the stories of your tattoos
while your weave of murmuring words, make love told
to me on and no, more between the lines, us entwined,
how this startles me breathless, landing here,
a passion’s odd vacuum, alluring suction,
how your whisper constantly runs on
forward play, sometimes until sunrise, exhausting
the way you countdown as we climb
then, standing very tiptoe for a moment, all’s quiet
on the mountain peak,
your one perfect spilt-second of silence comes,
matching all mine, for us, poised at the top,
a sight to see, perilous at excitement’s edge,
you make us leap, and I’m struck double dumb
by the hard grip of your hands and the fall to fly
with your dangerous tales of love for me
soaring all the while.

* * * * *
Today’s word is


Use fall itself in a piece of writing, or let fall trigger something else. Whatever you write, leave it as a comment below. I would love to read what you write.

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