I take myself from there

When I finally found myself I was
old.  Older than the moon when she lost
her mythology, unclothed by day
and science, investigator of the dream,
awoken by hard reason in an open casket.

When I did, I was aware I squatted where I least
expected to be.  I lived, I found, in a very small shell,
cast off by some creature none too humble
for a home so cramped it could not live
life to the fullest plume so furled.

When I studied such a bold rise, I moved my head
to a new place on my body, no longer musing
from some station on top, but from a place
more comforting for being silk pulsed and softer edged,
and staring only sideways always in that daze.

Sometime soon now, I believe, I will simply
move again, to a smaller home where I will be tight
with less lightness, lost tales, with no more odd minding
at my sight pointing neither forward
nor back, but in the moment, at that single second.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use move in a piece of writing or to trigger a piece of writing, and then post it as a comment below. I’d love to read what you write : ) Happy Aloha Friday.

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