Placation (for RP)

You all know, I think
what a “staycation” is, right?
Either you can’t afford a bigger vacation,
or you just want an easier trip than a fly-around escape,
so it’s a mini-vacation near home.

I live in Honolulu, say, and I decide
I want to book a bang-beat weekend get away
just down the road
in Waikīkī
at the Moana Hotel.

Well, that’s not what I’m talking about here, boys.
No, I’m talking about a placation.
Placation: That’s having to buy a $3500 diamond necklace
for your one true love,
your once true love when you book your stay at the Moana by yourself
and she finds out about it
so all hell, brother, breaks loose,
then you got trouble.

The idea behind a placation is to cool her anger, boys.
Clear the air of hostility and all those words that I can’t repeat.
I say, the past, the history you’ve piled up is sometimes unforgiving,
so in the present you may find
even eye-popping costly, credit-card, in-debt worthy jewelry —

that’s pronounced jew – el – ry, my friends,
not jew – ler – ry, pardon me,
but it’s a long time peeve —

I say you may find the extortionate ice may not suffice
to smooth that road of ignorance
you’re rolling on, rolling down, boys.

But take heart, at least,
in knowing that all of us fall on our asses
some time or another,
we all got trouble,
all spinning kapakahi stupid and clueless to the grave,
in love, in often most unfortunate self-destructive ways.
Dark days for everyone, boys,
everyone has dark and pricey days.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use history in a piece of writing, or use history as a springboard to a piece of writing, and then post what you write as a comment below. I would live to read what you write.

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