Reunion (125)

David Chan approached the buildings.  Beyond, in a garden-like setting, many monks were practicing tai-chi.  Oddly, turtles of different sizes were roaming around.

Watch-turtles, Chan mused, wondering if they were as dangerous as the monks.

A door opened and Denise ran out.

“I knew you’d come.”

The two hugged.

Chan paused, looking at her.  Then, “I gotta tell you, Chris Andaya is dead.  We think Miles Kuroda killed him.  Miles got shot.  He’s in Queen’s.”

“I knew Chris would die.  That’s the only way.  His anger, his violent nature.  He said he could change, but . . . ”

Chan nodded, listening.

“How bad is Miles?”

“Not good.”

“Can we go see him?”

Mentally, Chan shook his head.  “Of course, he said.  “Get your stuff.”

* * * * *

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