Suspicion (150)

Victor Yamamoto stared at the note, then eyeballed each of his colleagues. No one said he’d taken the message from Rudy the barber.  Supposedly Denise knew something about it.  He’d ask her once David Chan located her.

David Chan Sr.’s longtime partner walked in.  “Snuffy!”  Yamamoto beckoned the older man.

David Chan Jr.’s godfather sat.  “Yes, Victor?”

Wilbur “Snuffy” Apana, together with Kimo Kauhane, David Chan Jr., and Yamamoto, besides full-time duties, were part of a unit at the beck-and-call of Territorial Governor William Quinn, should he require them.  Hawai‘i would soon become the 49th State, so the group was dubbed Hawai‘i Four-9, or simply Four-9

“Snuff, one of my CI’s got killed this morning.  Probably Yu’s doing.  Someone took this message, left it on my desk.  Whoever did probably tipped off Yu that my CI had something.”

Apana smiled. “A dirty cop?  Vic, come on, of course they exist.”

* * * * *

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