Friends (700)

Without hesitation, Chan said, “No.  I trust Bobby with my life.  There’s always concern about dirty cops, but it could be anyone … More

Dreams (500)

David Chan dreamt of his wife Elaine less often than he wished.  It had been six years since she’d died.  He dreaded … More

Mom (200)

My parents gave up on each other when I was five, and my mom raised me alone.  She died just after … More

Reunion (125)

David Chan approached the buildings.  Beyond, in a garden-like setting, many monks were practicing tai-chi.  Oddly, turtles of different sizes were roaming … More

Retreat (200)

Denise Chan had stumbled into Daoism.  She’d taken a wrong turn in the back of Nu‘uanu Valley and discovered the temple. Curious, … More

Honolulu Lights (HS 145)

In the early morning, when she’s done, she’ll sleep, dreamless,her hard work over, pleasing many, her best shots,giving everything at … More

Wake Up Call

He could see the sun just breaking the horizon, a tiny sliver of light, but it was still dark.  He’d been … More

Glass (HS 139)

Not to look at it ever again,not to see that way anymore,I hide myself from me, from usand from that … More

Talk with Me

I love, at first, that you commented on everything indiscriminately,pointed at this or that, attached sounds to whatever ideasran around … More


I think I remember when I didn’t have to possess things.It took seven years to figure out what to dowith … More

Collegial (HS 133)

The stage is empty, uncrowded, the clipped smiles werebriefer than the blink of a glassy-eyed battle fatiguethat runs deeper than … More

Fever (HS 132)

Sometimes when I’m sick, I think I liveso far away from the world that I’m on the other sideof the … More

You Not Us (HS 131)

Once I was convicted, sentenced to be a prisoner of love,I did my time willingly, reformed my ways gladly,mended with … More