Some Neighbors

He walked our hill with a cane, his limp noticeable.My father asked him about it.He’d been disabled in combat in … More

Saturday Night

We hear it, the neighbors screaming at each other,the shrieks bending the air through the neighborhood,two drunken enemies meeting on … More

War Tale

As he sits fingering his bottle of beer,wiping the sweat down in trickles,turning it slowly in tight circles on the … More

April Fools’ Day

All eyes turned up from their work as Clayton strolled into the office.  They were waiting, mentally laughing in advance at … More

Of Story Order

Here’s my rough draft for Wednesday 01.26.22 Of Story Order The highest sun was heaven’s hottest flower The full moon … More

The Other Side

I sit beside her watching whileshe pushes puréed peas and meatloaf around the green plastic tray,stirring in pudding and some … More

Old Folks Are Cautious

You tell me to go out, but I don’t want to die.You say it’s really so much better, it’s getting … More

Checking You Out

No need to dress in riot gear, my dear, my apologies. After all these years I was curious whether you … More