A Close Relationship (200)

Before Yamamoto called him that morning, David Chan had been on the phone with his mother.

“She’s a big girl, Mom.  Please don’t worry.”

His words sounded calming, but his mind began to race.  Instantly, he was concerned.

“She hasn’t called me since Sunday, David.  She doesn’t answer her phone.”

“I’ll get in touch with her, Mom, please take it easy.  I’m sure there’s a simple reason why she hasn’t called.  You take good care.”

Chan hung up and shifted into slow burn mode.

Denise Chan, his younger sister by six years, had just turned 30.  There’d been a big to-do at the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant.  Chan had been upset that his sister brought her ex-boyfriend, Chris Andaya, to the party.

Denise had a history of bad luck with men.  Chris Andaya was Exhibit A.

Andaya was syndicate shady.  Chan had never actually arrested him for any crime, big or small, but Andaya had been a POI several times, and he’d taken up permanent residence on Chan’s radar when he began dating Denise the first time around.

Chan had breathed an enormous sigh of relief when the two broke up.  Denise being back together with Andaya again made him ill.

* * * * *

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