Keep Your Friends Close (175)

They sat down in the two barber chairs.

Chan said, “Did Rudy work here alone?”

“Yeah,” Yamamoto said.

“So why does he have two chairs?”

“Maybe he was ambidextrous.”

Chan had to laugh.  “Did we find an appointment book?”

“I looked.  It’s gone.  Probably the killer.”

Chan nodded, thoughtful.  “Why?”

“He wouldn’t want us to see his name, right?”

“So, we’re assuming the client before you killed him?”

Yamamoto looked up at the ceiling.  “Yeah, sure, you’re right.  He wouldn’t be dumb enough to make an appointment.”

They’d dealt with stupid killers.  Somehow this one didn’t have the feel of being a moron.

“And maybe you were the first client anyway, right?” Chan said.

“Sure, ah, I could’ve been.”

“Do we know who found him, who called it in?”

“Yeah, sure, I was the one who found him, David.  I called it in.  Then I called you.”

Chan pivoted the chair in a slow circle.  Why hadn’t his partner told him he’d been first on the scene?  Was that odd?

“Victor, why take that book?”

* * * * *

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