Who Knows What? (225)

Yamamoto almost jumped out of the chair.  “What?  Me?  I never take the book.”

Chan watched him. “No, I’m wondering why someone, anyone, would take it.”

“The only thing I can think,” said Yamamoto, “is maybe the customer before me took it so we wouldn’t know his name.”

Yamamoto had a knack for leaps of thought you knew were right.

Chan said, “Because he’s the killer, or what?”

“Or else he didn’t want us hassling him, didn’t want any involvement.”

Chan nodded.  “Vic, you got it, man.  I think that’s exactly the way it is.”

Chan stood up and turned to his partner.  “Why’d you feel guilty about the book?”

Yamamoto stood.  “Because I was first on the scene.  It might have been me.  Hell, you were wondering why I didn’t tell you right away I was the one who found Rudy.”

Chan wasn’t sure what to say.  Had his wondering been that obvious?

“I didn’t tell you because I did take something.  He told me he had information.  His info’s always good.”

Yamamoto pulled a scrap of paper from his pocket.  “He had this clenched in his hand.  He must’ve known he was going to die and wrote this down fast.”

On it were the words, “Andaya’s girlfriend knows about this.”

Chan looked at the paper.  He had to find his sister right now.

* * * * *

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