Honolulu Lights (HS 145)

In the early morning, when she’s done, she’ll sleep, dreamless,
her hard work over, pleasing many, her best shots,
giving everything at the office, leaving nothing on that poker table.
How my downtown Honolulu lingers, always there for me,
under those copper streaming street lamps for the asking,
short skirt and loose blouse, cigarette dangling from a perfect red lip,
breathing that come on glaze, high-heeled calf-firm, sultry,
like the night, her gaze promising steam and sweet sweat,
the deep release of everything that aging history means,
coming clean, what’s my pleasure anytime, offering
a trick’s dream, wanting to be picked up, or not,
me, my bad back and all the aches these days,
I limp, pass by any heart’s desire and push on,
fantasize at home, just beyond her, all alone.

* * * * *

Happy #WriterSaturday : ) Today’s writing prompt is


Use the #WritingPrompt to inspire a piece of writing of any kind, any length, and then post that piece below. I’d love to read anything that’s inspired by my hometown : )

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