Waikīkī My Whole Life

She says, Surely you’re kidding me about Waikīkī.
I say, Oh, yes, — no offense — of course . . .

I wonder. They call it progress,
but I just don’t know.

You know me well, so come on down and see me.
It’s not like we’re strangers, turning corners, bumping
into each other, then passing by us
stepping round, oblivious walking on,
not giving a thought to each the stranger other.

I know you too, know I’m always in you,
just come over and catch me up,
dust me off, flake away the patina of 60 years,
in your mind have me back, travel to
a once brand new, to you then
no antique, returned to the good old days,
a partial present for you.

Don’t ignore me anymore, assert we grew apart,
protest I’m too far over here, and you’re long gone over there,
because I know you still see me, so please don’t claim
I’m too distant, or that I’ve aged too badly
for your old tastes, single like a lover long lost by the seaside,
parting, as our beach boys aged away, gone now
the ones who knew you when you were
just as little as the ripples they pushed you along on,
how we kissed, we were ours, but you were so rapt
you missed the future running by you, so swift,
you blinked, and I was gone, too new for you,
but surely not unrecognizable, if you took a good look,
you, the devotee who nearly worshipped me, please
know full well you aren’t a slave to a world of once was,
gentle, you are a part of the me now, your heart
continuing to beat the same rhythm as my pulsing waves,
know you can see through my palm trees swaying harder in the wind
tunnels of these huge hotels and grand shopping plazas.

You must come sit with me, I need you here,
you, me,
want now at the close that you come back
to be with me and share
all that same magic of your youth
with me beside the sea.

* * * * *

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