Grecian Formula Bleach Blond

Each time we meet, we roam the hills of imagination,
plucking up little plots, new twists and turns
leading only to a final single conclusion.
We’ll tell a little less, like good writers, about our work day,
leave out extraneous people we met for lunch or a pau hana drink,
not overwork the details of a dinner, or just simply describe a movie,
we said we’d like to see, then somehow saw, the other
not knowing this, until the suggestion of watching it rears its head again,
another tale to tell.

Mini monsters of unknowing and guessing at will
gradually reveal themselves, the baby elephant disguised
as a floor lamp, excited to cast off its hat and slowly pick up
size and speed as it heads into a full stampede around the room.

Oh those secrets we keep from each other, how I know
you aren’t getting the whole truth from me, or, I know, from you,
and we put up with our growing nondisclosure because
the sex is decent and we’re not alone, although we’re building
this wall of the unsaid stones so high, in the end it’s guaranteed
we’ll not be able to see each other anymore for who we are.

In the end, I can tell, we’ll let each other go, choose loneliness
over the untold, the disguised, and the hidden, break
our contract, watch our love story slowly being torn up,
see our signatures fade as if we’d signed in disappearing ink,
although, you know, the best ink for writing our romance would be

* * * * *

Happy Aloha #WriterFriday : ) Today’s writing prompt is

love story

Use the #WritingPrompt to inspire a piece of writing of any length, even if it’s just a sentence or two, and then post that piece on your page and link to me, or simply leave it as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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