Together Forever (HS 129)

Let’s merge, what do you say, into one body,
where we talk the same talk, walk the same walk,
you and me the same feelings, wishing we could be up
all the time, baby, but we’re mostly happy us, now we,
two, just a me, and you-I we pledge to be up at least half-half the time.

The funniest one would be when you-I speak what’s on our mind,
and then you-I contradict us-me, because
we are of two minds, and even if we’re
melded into one, I can argue with myself, like a perfected person.

I will be so, so thisclose to you,
already feel myself slip into your skin, slide
our hearts together, so we pump our life in the same time,
blood of our blood, breath of our breath,
and even death cannot part us, for will we pass together.

* * * * *

Today’s writing prompt is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, and then post that piece as a comment below. I would love to read it : )


  1. Lanning,
    I really like this one. Just the idea of two minds/bodies merging into one is mind boggling. Imagine you hear voices and know it is the voice of the other entity. You do have a very fertile mind, and your writing skills are so far ahead of mine. Kudos!
    Here is something I wrote in January of this year:

    1/10/2020 © Fred Peyer

    Stained Heart

    Today I tucked my heart
    In-between the laundry
    Inside the washing machine
    Hoping the stains would disappear
    To leave it fresh and new
    A new heart, a new beginning
    Am not so sure though if
    One washing will be enough
    After all the pain and sorrow
    This heart has been through
    It might take several washings
    To restore that pure white
    Most likely, some stains
    Will remain on it forever

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    1. Aloha from Aswan. I love this one. When the Bamboo Ridge site comes back online I want you to post it there for consideration for possible future publication in one their future issues. The site is down right now due to a massive spam attack. I’ll let you know when it comes back up.


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