No Wait

      Supa sat with me.  I was glad.  He knew I was nervous.  First time for me, you know?

      “What if they start fighting?” I said.

      “No worries, Joey, not goin.  No worry.”

      We were eating hamburgers from the restaurant inside. Bobby bought for everyone.  He’s like that.  Always nice.  Looks out for us.

      Supa came my house this evening, told me Vegas dem wanted fo meet up with Bobby.  He said, “You ready for go with us, or what?”

      I knew my folks and my sis would call me stupid, but I didn’t care.

      “Well?” Supa said.

      “Yeah, okay.  Yeah.”

      Supa and me walked over to the Pali Safeway parking lot.  The rest was there already.  Bobby, Drop, an Mento were driving.  Nice cars.  That’s almost all they do.  Fix up their cars, go Ala Moana and drive aroun so everybody can see um.

      “We go we go we go,” Mento said.

      Me and Supa got in Drop’s car.  Drop is Supa’s older brother.  Gino and Kini was with Mento.  Bobby had no right-side seat just now, so he didn’t want anybody riding in the back an make him look like one chauffeur.  Funny when he says that.  He laughs a lot.

      We took off for Kalihi.  By the time we got to Kalihi Bowl, was maybe half hour before they were coming.  Bobby said everyone inside, and he bought us hamburgers and Cokes.

      Then we went around in back by the dumpsters for wait.

      I asked Supa, “Why we sitting back here in this pilau place?”

      Mento heard me.  “Cuz, Joey boy, dis is da office, my man.”

      “Eh,” Gino said. “I like one secretary.”

      Everybody laughed.

      “So what,” I asked Supa again, “for real, what if they wanna get into it?”

      Again he tell me no worry.  “Look, Joey, if was gonna be bad, Bobby woulda nevah asked me fo ask you to come tonight.  Trust me.”

      Bobby knew I wanted to join them.  Finally, he said I could come.  My birthday was last week.  He gave me a watch.  “I know you like hang with us, Joey.”  He gave me the watch, a nice one.  He told me, “It’s time.”  Funny him, sometimes.  Funny and nice.  That’s Bobby.  Always thinking about us.

      Just then, one big Portagee man wearing one dirty apron came out the back door.  Must be one of the bowling alley cooks.  He sat in one bus up chair and was about to light up one cigarette, when he saw a cat sitting on top a rubbish can trying to eat the food scraps inside.  The guy got up real fast, grabbed one broom was leaning against the wall, and he walked over and hit the cat hard.  Real hard.  The cat screamed.

      “Get outta here,” he yelled.

      The cat fell to the ground but nevah run.  We watched the guy push da cat with the broom handle.  The cat no move.

      Bobby got up and walked over to the guy.  He got down and touched the cat, ran his hand over it.  He stood up and turned to da guy.

      “You fuckah,” he said, not loud, but intense.  “You killed it jes cuz it was tryin fo eat.  Who da fuck you tink you?”
      Then Bobby grabbed the broom from the guy.  The guy was staring at Bobby like he couldn’t believe what was going on.

      “How you like me hit you wit dis?”

      The big guy, more big than Bobby, maybe thirty years old, started backing off.

      Ho, Bobby wen haul off an slam um with the broom handle.  We all wen jump.  Even Mento, who is one crazy fuckah with no fear of anything or anybody in dis world or any other world.

      The guy wen down on one knee.  “Feel good?” Bobby said.  Then he hauled off an hit him across the back of the head full on again.  Da broom handle broke.

      The guy wen down on da ground.  Bobby threw the handle away and then kicked him two times.

      Could tell by his stomach going up an down the guy was still alive.

      Drop wen over first to look at the guy.  We all followed him.  The guy was moaning.  Not really moving, though.

      “Ho man, Bobby,” Kini said, “What da fuck?  You almost killed da guy.”

      “Eh,” Bobby said, “he killed the cat fo nothing.  Fo fucking nothing.  He had it coming.  Guys like dis, they always asking for it.  So, you gotta give it to um every day.”

      Then jes like that, da big guy pulled one butterfly knife from his pocket, flip um open, an swung for Bobby’s leg.

      Bobby pulled back his leg in time, then stepped on the guy’s arm.  He never say nothing, jes reach down for the knife.

      Kneeling beside da guy he said, “You know what, brah. You evah heard of one eye for an eye?”

      Da guy looked up at him.  You could see he was real scared.

      Bobby, he took da knife an raised um in the air, like he was gonna drive um down in da guy’s eye.  Da guy squeaked.  Bobby came down and stopped right at his eye.

      Mento laughed again.  “Do it, brah.”

      Bobby stood up, put the knife in his pocket.  “Nice knife,” he said.

      The guy wasn’t moving

      Bobby said, “We go out front, already.”

      We all walked around the side an got to the cars.  Just then, Vegas dem came into da parking lot.  Bobby, up in front, waved them down.  He walked ova, leaned on the window of Vega’s car, talked a little bit, then turned around to come back to us.

      I seen one guy lean out from the back window and Bam! shoot Bobby in the back.  The cars peeled out.  We ran to Bobby.  He was still breathing.

      “We gotta call an ambulance,” Gino said.

      “He could be dead by the time they get here,” Drop said.  “Get him in his car.”

      We picked up Bobby an put him in da back seat.  Drop said, “Supa, take him to Kuakini Emergency.  We follow you.”

      Everybody jumped in the cars.  On the way to Kuakini I was scared.  Supa was in Bobby’s car, and I didn’t want to talk to Drop like I was scared.

      Maybe Drop can read minds.  He mussed up my hair with his right hand.  “No be scared, Joey.  Everything gonna be okay.”

      “But what if Bobby dies?” I asked.

      “No, worry, Joe, no worry.  Bobby is da toughest fuckah I know.  He’s gonna be good.”

      Wow.  Drop saying Bobby was the toughest guy, well, that was like whoa.  Everybody calls him Drop because it only takes one punch from him to drop you on the ground.

      The streetlights flashed over us like strobe lights.  The whole thing was like some weird kine a movie flipping along. I had a bad feeling we lost Bobby at the end of the story. I didn’t have to wait to hear it.

* * * * *

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