It’s Go Time

Now is the time to prove that we have listened to what they have told,
heard our ancestors who spoke and still speak
eternal truths, ever refined, refining,
on the warmed porch, perched brilliant
in the ever sunset of eternity and perfected wisdom.

They rock, back and forth, again and again,
peace, love, and charity,
tell us those ideas that have actually been preached
all the days of our lives, especially to those
who chant Deus Deus, and have sung their praise to nothing understood, understanding
and learning as much and less.

Well, those from the past have rocked enough, friends,
offered down their advice that has been falling
so much on too many deaf ears.

So now they must stand up, and mount to ride,
come to us in the flesh in order to prove what they say,
stagger us here with their teaching of benefit for all,
descend from the sky charity, riding giving,
reveal themselves to exact distribution to the many who have nothing
from the golden storehouses of those few who have everything.

They have come, friends, to rouse us to arms for love,
let ourselves now be ruled by the Queen of Hearts
who will trump the Ace of Spades every time,
the death-card face of the powerful,
the elders will show us how to run destruction down,
trample stupidity with humanity,
its ilk to be forgotten as the dust-blowing wind washing clean,
and with their careful teaching we will bring down
the wall of oppression,
raze the prison of greed and poverty,
make true the age-old tale of good triumphing over evil.

Even if at this moment we are stunned so sickly near death,
mesmerized into the silence of complacency and inaction
by the searing heat of a red light —

That. Must. Change.

Look up! Here they come!
Pluck up your optimism! Be courageous!
Our mission is to show that we know what they have said,
that we have learned that we must uphold self-worth and dignity,
conquer with compassion, with love, and with all encompassing empathy.

See them now, friends? With their help we have the green light.

* * * * *

Today’s writing prompts is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, and the post that piece as a comment below. I would love to read what you write : )

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