The Last Words of Love

The love of where you find
that it you find
that it
you least expect

I’ve heard of that soar at the finding of it
in the you know it could happen
happening with her, with him
the ember flash of something past passionate love

Yet they who have struck upon it were wise
to reserve with them some words
of their soul expressions for her, for him
their love song only for the most part sung

The wisest, I think, leave some deepest words unsaid
entwined in the depth of feeling, fast at their core
they store, for it’s sound
to sing some just at the last of the coming cold

Their hearts beating close behind the telling
of goodbyes for what has only lasted, a hand grasped
perhaps a moment in their longing lifetimes
for him, for her, so fast they’re gone

So good there is a chorus to be sung, perhaps in tears
all the expressions hard to hold back until then
for her, for him, to carry on that journey
a welling up of words saved for the lasting

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