Moral Support

Each time I fall off the ladder
it’s my life almost down
so I try to be careful
when you climb
do you not understand
me trying to hold onto
each slippery rung
I’ve oiled to make it hard
because you need to learn life’s lessons
as I understand them to be
for me hard to imagine
a tougher climb
unless it’s on a ladder
with hot waxed rungs
too big around to grip
my hands too small for the job
to wring your neck
whenever you disobey
me in this simple task
I thought would be easy
but it’s not going to be simple
for you
the way you are
you know
I know
the going is slow
and treacherous
like a mother’s love

Aloha. E komo mai. Today’s random word is “love.” Use love in any kind of writing, short or long, and either post it and link to me, or leave it in the comments below. I would love to read what you write about love : )

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