Solitary Player

Who says you can’t learn
anything from video games?

I got video game anointed
in the very beginning
of the swirling video game universe
baptized by Pong
by that slow bouncing ball
learned to work the paddle
apply English
for a wicked spin
unreturnab —

What the fuck, I said to myself, discovering
hey, my left hand can handle the tricky gyration
bats the ball back to my right —

No one ever seemed
to want to play with me
waste time and money
so I Ponged alone
and learned that I am, in fact
can use both hands
when I play by myself

You know what else?

It’s so easy frickin’ peasy
to crown a champion
when there’s only one player
and solitary, man, is the best way
to rule in a newborn world


  1. I have the unusual ability to shoot pool behind my back. If I’m at a pool table by myself, I play regular vs behind-the-back. It’s fun, like what you did with pong.


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