One Way of Looking

Here’s my draft for today, Saturday 06.08.19.

One Way of Looking

I didn’t think I had anything to do today
but I checked my calendar just in case
this aging memory of mine sometimes mistaken

 This week I forgot a doctor’s appointment
and I felt tremendous guilt for doing so
wondered how they’d feel about their wasted time 

I try to keep my calendar updated, precise
and I’ve learned how to set alarms, but sometimes
I forget to add an appointment, so no alarm is sent

I love the days when I can do whatever I please
not answering to any obligation, to anyone anymore
tapping away at the keyboard all day, if I choose

As I write, I tend to look out over my garden
notice how one plant has grown well, another maybe dying
perhaps how one has come into flower overnight

This morning I looked out and saw a mynah bird
perched on the limb of my neighbor’s monkeypod
and I sensed he was waiting for me to teach him how to speak

I watched him stealing closer, edging sideways toward me
head cocked to one side, eyeing me with one black eye
begrudging me, I knew, my ability to speak while he stood mute 

Then suddenly I was drowsy, felt a sleep coming on
and a chill caused me to shiver before him, unblinking
sensing momentarily the brush of seaweed rolling slowly at my feet

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