A Stranger at the Bar

Here’s my draft for today, Aloha Friday, 06.07.19.

A Stranger at the Bar

I thought the seeming knowing how
to touch the way you touched
your index finger so slight on my forearm
such a subtle gesture in my memory
some soft graze of past intimacy —

begin a race pistol crack to start
a second heat, to gun my heart
that already pants at this next run
dodging impediments fallen among
the ruins along of many years apart
as all the world lights up, easy
this brush foretells, crazy
a golden evening of our renewal —

I turn to see your face, see older, her hair
gray as well, the lines about the eyes and mouth
playing their game of hide and seek with light

Excuse me

Only I sensed we’d been in touch before
we two, had it been you
we were best friends who fell out
of love, recognized separate paths
that I actually knew would never intersect again

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