The Next Thing You Know

Here’s my draft for today, Sunday 06.09.19.

The Next Thing You Know

You know, every second we’re alive, we learn
a bit more. Even while we sleep, dreams teach us
assembling and imparting information accrued
over time in new combinations. Our lives are
a twenty-four-hour-a-day education. With each
clock tick, an iota’s worth of information leaps
into a tiny space in our brains, joins the A-Team
as it were. That’s our motley knowledge crew
pieced together, little by little over the years
each member waiting to be called upon,
put to use. Memory commands the recruits
ordering them forward to assemble
in some thoughtful way. But no system
is 100% foolproof, and sadly, sometimes
a piece of data may get elbowed off its seat
and kicked out the door, or may simply fade
away. Forgetting. It happens. The mind really
is more like a sieve than a bucket, so losing bits
here and there is inevitable, and no supplement
or medication can ever fully seal those holes.

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