Blog Aloha (for DD)

Blog Aloha

Aloha to all of you out there in blogland. I have a blogging friend named David Davis who is the writer for Alien Resort newspaper comics. This is to say then, that we are blogging acquaintances.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis are about to embark on a journey to Alien Resort Island far to the southwest of Hawaiʻi. However, en route to that magical isle, Honolulu, on the island of Oʻahu, will be their first stopover. Such being the case, Mr. Davis has asked me to show him and his wife around, his first priority being a visit to an active volcano.

What I’m thinking is this. Since money is apparently no object, we shall journey to the island of Hawaiʻi, also known as the Big Island, where we will witness an active volcano first-hand. Thrillseekers that we are, we will sneak through all the security and roadblocks, and then will venture as close to the edge as possible, without falling in, and as none of the three of us is a virgin, I believe, we need not fear that the other two will accidentally sacrifice the third by surprise.

Upon having visited the volcano, we shall fly back to Honolulu. As this will be done by plane and as such our arms will not be tired, we will head for famed Waikīkī Beach, splash about for a bit, perhaps take a surfing lesson if the waters are not overly infested with tourists, and then, as night falls, hoist a few exotic drinks, probably at the Moana Hotel, listening to Hawaiian music while sitting under their legendary banyan tree, hoping that the sleeping birds are not nesting right above our heads or our beverages.

The next day, before they leave, because the Davises wish it so, we will head for the North Shore to experience the thrill of diving into shark infested waters, of course protected by a shark-proof cage, but we’ll stick our arms through the bars to feed the ravenous sharks large chunks of fish, since that is the only daredevil way this tour activity will work for us, damned be their rules.

Last, but certainly not least, I have signed the three of us up for a lesson in fire knife dancing because, when you live as dangerously as the three of us do, what are a few bloody fingers and a singed eyebrow or two?

At this point — after a quick visit to the emergency room at Queen’s Hospital if need be — I will run Mr. and Mrs. Davis through the nearest of the myriad ABC stores so they can purchase souvenirs, and then drop them at the airport in order that they may continue on their way to Alien Resort Island.

I trust that this itinerary will meet the Davises’ great expectations, and I pray that we three shall survive to blog about our happy experiences.

May we live to blog on, David, as dangerously as we dare.

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