Not finding them (for WW)

Here’s my draft for today, Happy Monday, 06.03.19.

Not finding them (for WW)

I do see the full moon strides boldly above me, show-off
and I sigh, empty with emptiness, depleted uncounting
through time, sky’s vast figures, treading below with my naked eye unable tracing, some lone curving path
not following it all, everything evolving, the broad taste
spectrum of that spacious dance, distanced faraway
from a kind sampling of all that is imagined
of this sour, that acrid, here salty, there sweet
then bitter in the end, I, jealous of those clustered stars
multicolored magnificence, somewhere beyond this streetlit blind glare, bursting along their way, unearthly unbounded flights of fabulous flavor enough for fortune’s curious eyes
a telescope of tongues, glass polished perfect, smooth
to lick and wag and wash clean away, vista’d waterfalls of all
thought all the aged ideas ripened all along all ago
down to me, not one, who could stand here naked
a never chosen stargazer, amazed by the stunning science
explicit explanation, the laws at work behind the universe

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